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About New Zealand

New Zealand is a country of amazing contrasts.

Snow capped  mountains, fast-flowing rivers, deserted beaches, forests, lakes, volcanoes, thermal reserves and much more. Outdoor activities include tramping, bungy jumpy, scuba diving, golf, skiing, swimming with dolphins, whale watching and fishing. The people are relaxed and friendly and there is a unique culture which is a mix of Maori and old European.

Travel within New Zealand is both affordable and easy. Accommodation is also very affordable and varies from International class hotels to homestay accommodation  and backpacker hostels

New Zealand food and wine is unique and includes fine locally produced reds and whites of all varieties,  fresh locally caught seafood including crayfish as well as international cuisine to suit all your tastes.

NTIS New Zealand is based in Nelson which sits at the top of the south Island. The area is the sunniest in New Zealand and boasts National parks, skiing, clean beaches, fine local wines, fruit and seafood. We urge you to take a step away from the larger cities in New Zealand and see  rural New Zealand at it's best!

Facts about New Zealand

Level of education
Level of education is as good as the UK or USA.

In New Zealand educational institutions put much emphasis on you as an individual - encouraging you to think and speak out.

Safe country
New Zealand is a much safer country than many other developed countries. There is little fear of terrorism here. You will not see the police carrying guns and although violent crime is widely reported in the media it is still relatively uncommon.
Good prices
New Zealand prices are lower than many other English speaking countries and the Japanese Yen and British pound goes a long way here!