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Countries we cover

We can advise and assist on the following countries



United Kingdom





A country larger than Europe, spanning 3 timezones and boasting over 7000 beaches, deserts, tropical rainforests, mountain ranges and unique flora and fauna.


Travel destinations in Australia

You can see it all in Australia. The major cities are accessible by direct flights from  all continents. Once you are here travel within Australia is cheap and easy.


Language schools in Australia

NTIS New Zealand have a selection of quality language schools for you to choose. From Brisbane in Queensland through Sydney in New South Wales and over to Perth in Western Australia. The quality of schools here are good and prices are reasonable.



We have numerous options for your visit to Canada from Toronto to Vancouver.


Where to Go

The Vancouver area on the West coast of Canada is often described as one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Eastern Canada is only several hours from Europe and easily assessable from the United States. The country is vast so you have plenty of options.


Studying English in Canada

We have options to study in Vancouver and Toronto. prices range from C$300 a week to C$600 a week for more intensive or advanced options. Accommodation varies in price from C$180 a week for homestay accommodation to over C$1000 a month for apartment accommodation.


United Kingdom

We offer expert advice on travel and study in the United Kingdom. We can arrange pick up from Heathrow Airport, tours, accommodation, study options and more.


Where to Go.

This depends on what you wish to see and how long you are here. The UK is steeped in history and very accessible.  Attractions such as Stonehenge, the Oxford colleges, the Tower of London, 12th century country pubs, the Cotswolds, ancient Druid sites, Roman fortresses and Roman roads are all within a few hours drive of each other. We can arrange tour options or assist you on setting out on your own.


Studying English in the United Kingdom 

In most cases your initial flight into the United Kingdom will take you into London. If you are studying we have good schools in London or nearby Oxford and Cambridge. If you wish to go further a field we have many study options including homestay plus English in most cities. The quality of education is very good here and although Britain is an expensive country language school prices are similar to other English speaking countries.  Prices for English schools start at around 150 pounds a week and go up to over 300 pounds a week for more advanced intensive courses. Homestay accommodation starts at around 90 pounds per week which includes all meals.



Once the poor man of Europe Ireland is now one of the most  prosperous and forward thinking members of the European Union. Ireland is a country with a rich history. Whether you wish to stay and work in Dublin with it's history, literature and arts or explore the more remote regions we have options to suit.


The people

The Irish people are some of the most friendly in the world and will make you feel very welcome in their country. The family unit and socialising is still very much the norm here.


Studying English in Ireland

We have a number of schools for you to choose from. Irish-English is generally easy to understand and has similarities to the English spoken in the United Kingdom. Prices for courses in Dublin start at around 200 Euros a week going up to over 600 Euros a week for more intensive business and advanced courses.  Accommodation prices range from 150 Euros a week for homestay options to over 300 Euros a week for apartment options.



To the first time visitor Japan is an unimaginable experience. A mixture of old and new. A country where ancient temples and shrines sit alongside modern skyscrapers and high tech shopping malls. Houses with old style tatami and rice paper rooms alongside computer controlled toilets and air conditioning.


Where to Go.

Japan is not a cheap country so if you want to stay a while you should consider work. NTIS New Zealand will advise on visas and permits and where to go. If you wish to stay for a short time NTIS New Zealand can advise on travel arrangements, Accommodation and other options


Teaching English in Japan

English speakers with tertiary qualifications should be able to obtain English teaching placements fairly easily. NTIS New Zealand have special relationships with schools in Japan and will be able to help place you in good employment around the Tokyo area.


Studying Japanese.

There are numerous schools in Japan specialising in learning Japanese. It is also very easy to learn Japanese from TV which has special programmes solely for the non Japanese speaker.