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About Us - from humble beginnings to full language services

NTIS New Zealand Translation Service was formed in 2002, initially as a translation service offering the major Asian and European languages. 

From this humble beginning NTIS New Zealand LTD Translations now has an increasing number of full time staff and several hundred translators on hand. We offer translation in nearly all the world languages and interpretation services in most major languages. We pride ourselves on our quality to price ratio which we believe is hard to beat.

Our language services offer interpreting, typesetting, copywriting, localisation, foreign language voice over and other sound/video work, liasion, meeting booking, research, development.

NTIS New Zealand Translation Service LTD now also offer a student and travel support service for students and visitors wishing to visit New Zealand, Australia and Europe. This is not merely a travel agency but a cultural and language support service. Our clients are cared for from the moment they book to the moment they return home.

NTIS New Zealand Translation Service LTD language service travel/student services utilises all our skills and local contacts to ensure not only the best service, but that our clients visit the best places, stay in the best accommodation, pay only local prices and more importantly have language and cultural support on hand.

'Japanlink' is our service to assist trade and business links between Japan and the English speaking world by addressing language, cultural and business differences and misunderstandings. Japanlink and our interpretation service addresses the Japanese business phrase... "If I am selling to you I will speak English.  If you are selling to me nihongo wo hanasankerba narimasen"

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