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NTIS New Zealand Business Translations

Well written, proof-read, accurate and culturally sensitive business translations
We understand that a Business Translation is not merely a translation from one language into another. A translation of this nature needs to also be culturally accurate. A direct translation of a very good letter in one language may appear discourteous or inappropriate in another. Our translators are professionals of the target language and so will be able to 'read into' correspondence and ensure it is well written and appropriate for the target. This does not mean we will deviate from your requirements or modify your work we will merely offer advice where appropriate or clarify any possible differences.

Some of the areas that often do not translate directly are listed below. NTIS New Zealand are happy to discuss cultural requirements of your business correspondence with you. .

Modes of address

Levels of Confidentiality

Formal and Informal styles

Use of humour

Handling conflict


Our translators are versed in the ethical requirements of Professional Translation Bodies. you can rely on us to keep the content of your documents confidential.


Format of translation

We will discuss the required format of your translation with you. We have systems operating in the Major European and  Asian languages. If your computer cannot read the character sets of your translation we can return your documents in PDF or graphics file format or offer simple solutions to allow your system to read your required language.  

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