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Interpretation Services FAQ's

I only want one interpreter but you have quoted for three.

For long assignments requiring Simultaneous Interpretation we need to use a minimum of three interpreters - If the Interpreter is a professional he or she will automatically refuse to work with less than 2 other interpreters. NTIS New Zealand will refuse jobs for single interpreters if they strongly believe more than one is needed.


I have asked for a price but you are still asking questions.

We need to know as much information about the assignment before we commit to a price. This is because some assignments require a specialist in the subject area you require interpreting others do not. In situations like this we are also happy to give a 'worst case' price.


Can you organise my conference?

We are not professional conference organisers but will gladly put you in touch with the appropriate people.


How do you charge?

We charge an hourly or a half day rate depending on the event.


Can you provide interpreters at short notice for emergencies?

We have interpreters on call 24 hours a day for emergencies that arise such as taking someone to hospital or urgent late phone calls. You should however be aware that call outs outside normal workings are not cheap.

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