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Our Promise

1. All of our translators are experienced and only translate into their native language (in exceptional circumstances and in languages such as Latin, this obviously will not be followed but we will advise).

2. Unless the job is being rushed and/or by agreement with the customer the translation process shown below will always be followed.

Privacy & Confidentiality Guarantee

We promise to keep the content of any documents confidential whether sent to us for a quotation or translation.

We may, from time to time publish names of our larger clients on our website. If you do not wish us to display your company name please advise us. If your name is already displayed we will remove it within 48 hours if requested or as soon as possible. Where we agree to submit work samples to potential clients we guarantee not to pass any information without our clients written consent.


Ethics Guarantee

We will always refuse to translate any documents whose content is illegal or incites an illegal act.


Security Guarantee

Our systems are fully equipped with and regularly updated with Firewall and anti virus software. Our computers are backed up everyday.


Translation process

NTIS New Zealand LTD translation process is detailed below.

1. The document will be checked for subject matter and level of difficulty. The appropriate translator will then be used. This translator will check and then translate the document into his or her native language.

2. The translated document will then be checked and phrases and words clarified. The translation will then be refined.

3. The translation will be then be left for a few hours or overnight. This allows the translator to clear his or her mind of this particular translation.

4. The translator will then recheck his/her own work and make any final adjustments.

5. A second translator will then double check the translation making reference to the source document (which will be his or her native language). Any differences of opinion will be discussed with the first translator. Experience has shown us that at this stage there are sometimes small errors - particularly figures and dates.
6. The project manager will then check the completed work ensuring that the content and layout of the translated text is correct.

General Sales Conditions

1. All work requests must be in writing by email, fax or post and include the price agreed by both parties.

2. Requests for technical translations must be accompanied by reference documents, drawings or diagrams supplied by the client.

3. In the event of a client cancelling an order, all work already completed will be billed at 100%, work suspended will be billed at 50%.

4. Payment is due before work is commenced unless credit terms have been agreed. Our payment terms are 14 days from date of invoice.
5. In the event of non-payment - and after notices have been given to the client the debt will be placed in the hands of a collection agency (presently Baycorp). All administration costs incurred by NTIS New Zealand LTD in collecting any debt including court hearings, telephone calls will be charged to the client at our general charge out rate - currently NZ$85.00 per hour + GST. All collection costs incurred by our collection agent will be charged to the client and collected in addition to the value of the debt to NTIS New Zealand LTD. In addition to this a commission of between +20% of debt value (in New Zealand) to + 25% of debt (Outside New Zealand)  + GST is charged by our agent and collected from the defaulter. In ordering from us as a condition of being granted credit the client accepts the above conditions that they will be liable for all the above mentioned costs incurred in collecting debts. The client also accepts that any conditions of privacy and confidentiality in respect of work done is waived by the client should they default in payment to the point of legal action becoming necessary. 
6. Unless the client is outside New Zealand and this is apparent New Zealand Goods and Services Tax will be added at 12.5% or the correct rate at the time of billing.

7. Any work in progress will be suspended in the event of late payment of monies due. NTIS New Zealand LTD reserves the right without notice to charge interest on overdue moneys at the interest rate of 2% per calendar month.
8. NTIS New Zealand LTD accepts no responsibility for advertising and promotional material which is not 'stylistically satisfactory'.

9. In the case of advertising and promotional NTIS New Zealand LTD will not be liable for drafting the text in an advertising style different from the source text.

10. Our liability in any translation shall be limited to the amount of the invoice.

11. Complaints must be received by NTIS New Zealand LTD within 10 working days of receiving the translation. All complaints must be accompanied by the original documents and disputed translations. Once the above time period has elapsed, the translation shall be considered correct.

12. In the event of a complaint within the above time frame NTIS New Zealand LTD agrees, at its own expense, to deliver an edited version of the disputed translation. This second document shall be used to judge the quality of the translation in order to establish the amount of reimbursement, at the discretion of NTIS New Zealand LTD management.

13.  NTIS New Zealand LTD will do everything possible to deliver work within the agreed deadline. However, they will not be held liable for any delays caused by malfunctioning faxes, modems, e-mail and other mail or carriers, or staffing issues whether directly, indirectly or outside the control of  NTIS New Zealand LTD. However, in the event of a late delivery where the amount of time late expressed in business days is more than one-third the translation's total time

(expressed in business days) (i.e., 33% late) or 3 working days late - whichever is the greater, and if the delay is directly and only the fault of NTIS New Zealand LTD and the work has already been chased up by the client via email and the client advised the delay is not due to malfunctioning carriers we shall reimburse up to 100% of the cost of the job.

14. Defects present in one part of the translation shall not be grounds, for questioning the entire translation. In such cases NTIS New Zealand LTD reserves the right to make modifications.

15. Only written agreements between the parties shall be taken into consideration.

16. In the event of disputes New Zealand law will apply and shall have jurisdiction for all disputes. Refunds will be given at the discretion of Company Management

17. Translations remain the property of NTIS New Zealand LTD until paid for in full. Any reproduction of such translations shall be illegal.

18. Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA): Where services are provided for business purposes the CGA shall not apply.

19. We may from time to time display our clients names on our website. Refer to our privacy guarantees above.




NTIS New Zealand LTD and/ related suppliers do not acknowledge any guarantee related to services offered including all implicit guarantees and conditions regarding saleability, suitability for a particular purpose, ownership and non violation of the rights of others.

NTIS New Zealand LTD and/or related suppliers shall not be liable for any reason whatsoever for special, indirect or consequential damages or any other damages of any type resulting from the loss of rights to use, loss of information or lost profits, whether they result from performance of the contract, negligence or other detrimental actions, deriving from or in some way connected with the services of NTIS New Zealand LTD

NTIS New Zealand is a trading name sometimes used by NTIS New Zealand LTD. Where the former name is used this refers to NTIS New Zealand LTD a limited liability company incorporated in New Zealand under the Companies Act 1993.


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