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Immigration Documents Translations

Translation of Documents that are Certified and approved by NZ Immigration Service.

Applying for immigration is a difficult and stressful exercise. NTIS New Zealand have been translating documents for NZ Immigration Service for nearly 3 years now. We  keep up to date with changes and developments and know  what needs translating and what doesn't. Although we are not immigration agents we can advise you on what to do and how to get the documents you need. Immigration documents translation can be expensive if you get each document translated on different occasions. This is due to the fact that most translation companies (ourselves included) have a minimum charge for one document. Speak to us first and tell us which type of Visa you are applying for. We will be able to get all of your documents translated at the same time saving you time and money. Documents translated for immigration require certifying. We therefore need to see the original document or a copy certified by a lawyer, judge, police officer etc.

Format of translation

You will receive the translated documents in the format required by NZ immigration service. In some cases this will be a selective translation of the original i.e. a translation of the essential parts of the document. In other instances a full translation is necessary.  

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