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NTIS New Zealand Japanlink

For all your trade and business links with Japan we are able to offer the following service. NTIS New Zealand and it's sister company TaxNZ Consulting Ltd have the solution to your trade and business links with Japan. NTIS New Zealand deal primarily with trade, import/export (including car importing), translation and interpretation.

Japanese businesses wishing to trade here, set up business here, market in New Zealand or be introduced to New Zealand business are referred through our sister company TaxNZ Consulting LTD.

We are fully bi-lingual and bi-cultural (in relation to Western and Japanese cultures) and can offer any practically any service you can think of in relation to business between New Zealand and Japan.

We have outlined some basic information below.

Business Introductions.

From drafting of correct introductions to making the appropriate verbal approaches for you we can advise and discuss all of your requirements.  We can put you in contact with the appropriate people and bodies in Japan to ensure success in your purchasing and selling. If you are entertaining Japanese clients or visitors here it is vital you consult with us even if you do not wish us to be present to ensure the correct etiquette is followed.


Business cards (Meishi)

Business card exchange in Japan is a very important part of doing business there. Your job title on your business card must be appropriate for the level at which you are doing business. We are happy to advise you on this and prepare your business cards for you as well as offering the correct instruction on the exchanges of these.


Business contact

We are happy to act as an intermediary between yourselves and the company you are doing business with in Japan. This will ensure the correct language and etiquette is used.


Japanese Websites

We offer a full Japanese website localisation service. Initially we recommend a simple 1 or 2 page translation of your website. We will ensure that your site is submitted to all the major Japanese search engines, we will announce your site on popular bulletin boards and can conduct an email campaign if required. This first step enables potential customers in Japan to view your site but leaves them in no doubt that they will need to contact you in English. This saves you or your staff  embarrassment but still gives this huge market an opportunity to find out about you.

If you wish to go further we can offer a full website localisation service and translate and reply to email and telephone enquiries.


Here are some simple guidelines to doing business with Japan.

1. In Japan the usual greeting is a long, low bow and not a handshake. the bow has a great deal of ritual and taboo attached to it When Japanese visit English speaking countries they will expect to shake hands only and you should not attempt to bow until you and your visitor are well acquainted. - Don't try to be what you are not (Japanese) however be aware of the above and be respectful of your differences.

2. Business cards should be exchanged on first meeting and should be offered and accepted with both hands. Once accepted do not simply put the card in your back pocket. Be seen to be treating the card carefully and put it carefully away.

3. Never address the Japanese person by his first name until invited to. In New Zealand this is generally polite, in Japan this is still considered rude.

4. Japanese generally have an aversion to close physical contact so avoid any backslapping or similar.

5. Remember laughter does not necessarily signify amusement - it can also be a sign of embarrassment.

6. It is regarded as impolite for Japanese to say no and you should avoid pressing a question to the point that your visitor has little option but to say no.

7. The most important advice is to smile and be friendly. If your appearance and manner puts your visitor at ease any cultural mistakes are less likely to be noticed or matter.


From simple advice to detailed business planning, introductions and business itself - contact us - we can help.  


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