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Interpretation Rates.

In order to give the best and most accurate quote NTIS New Zealand will need a high level of detail regarding the proposed assignment - forward planning is of the utmost importance. We have a minimum charge of either 1 hour or half a day depending on what the assignment is and where it is.

Costs depend on the following.

  • Type of Interpreting - Simultaneous or Consecutive.

  • Type of assignment - Conference, Factory Visit, Tour, etc.

  • Difficulty of assignment - Lecture, Technical Workshop, General conversational etc.

  • Length of Assignment - A three day assignment will attract a lower rate per hour than say a 20 minute assignment

You also need to consider travel costs, accommodation costs if required, and general disbursements that will be charged back to you.

Simultaneous Interpretation requires specialist equipment which needs to be hired.

If this is the first time you have used an interpreter you should be aware that professional interpreting is not cheap. If you require simultaneous interpretation you should be aware that three interpreters are normally required as a minimum. This is due to the high level of concentration needed and the fact that interpreters need frequent breaks during the work.

Tour guides are not so expensive but you should expect to cover the duration of your requirements as well as any travel and accommodation expenses.

Contact us to get a detailed quote.

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