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NTIS New Zealand Travel and Support

NTIS New Zealand - For your Overseas Experience

NTIS New Zealand Travel travel/support division is the result of several of it's staff's experiences overseas. Primarily for Japanese we also cater for any person from Asia. Europe or the Americas wishing to embark on their overseas experience to another country.


What makes us different?


In most cases our staff and agencies are comprised of natives of the country you wish to visit and persons of your nationality currently living in that country. We believe this to be a unique blend which gives us advantages over other similar companies. Our local staff know the country, it's culture, it's advantages and disadvantages. Our people of your nationality know how the country's customs differ from your own. We can offer services ranging from full support - which will find you accommodation, work, schools etc to the very basic travel service that will let you learn and experience the country by yourself.



This is a unique Japanese word. It refers to the whole experience of travelling overseas, working and learning English or another language. Japanese and western cultures are very different - in some cases completely opposite. NTIS New Zealand bridge this gap - educating our western hosts in Japanese customs visa versa. Our Japanese language pages explain the services we offer in more detail.


English Language study

This can be either in an approved English language school or one on one with a homestay family. Our Head Office is based in New Zealand but  we have staff throughout the English speaking world in places such as Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and Continental Europe. Our service ranges from simple bookings to extensive support in your language by a resident of that country.


Working holidays

We will assist you in your working holiday requirements. We will advise and assist with work visas, job applications, accommodation and other local requirements.  We will ensure you obtain legal employment and are paid the correct wage. We offer this service in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Ireland and United Kingdom.


Tour planning

We can plan tours for individuals or large groups in a variety of different languages. This ranges from simple itineraries for individuals to large group tours in the language of your party. Our extensive network of contacts within New Zealand and the English speaking world mean that you or your group will visit the best places - including places that only the locals know about, stay at the 'right' hotels' and pay only local prices.


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