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NTIS New Zealand offer the following educational services


Language Schools - New Zealand


New Zealand is full of good English language schools. The standard of education is very high and you will find good schools in most locations around the country. NTIS New Zealand recommend schools in Nelson, Christchurch, Queenstown, Wellington, Rotorua and Auckland. All of the schools we use are schools recognised as being of a high standard. We only use schools that have an excellent reputation, small classes and good pastoral care of students. You can combine English lessons with other activities such as skiing, cookery, scuba diving or golf. Often the language school itself will arrange after school activities.


Studying at a language school provides good opportunities to make new friends and gain valuable life experience. You will meet students from many countries around the world.


Language Schools - Australia, Canada, United Kingdom


We have an extensive contact network in these countries and can that all your requirements are met - from flight bookings to Language School, Accommodation bookings. Contact us for more information.


One on One English


This is usually combined with Homestay in our English plus Homestay package. We will put you with an approved Homestay family where you will learn English. This can range from 10 hours to 20 hours per week. One on One English plus Homestay is good for people only wishing to stay for a few weeks or for people that would prefer a more personal lesson structure. For a more professional experience - or for students studying for exams such as IELTS will recommend a professional English school.


Age doesn't matter
Anyone from child to elder (around 70 years old) can apply
Under 18's will need supervision and there are other special conditions  - ask us for further information.

Questions about Studying English

These questions and answers are repeated in our Frequently asked questions page.

How long do I need to progress my English?
This is difficult to answer here as the level and ability of every student varies. This also depends on your enthusiasm. Some hints are given below.


1. Even if you study English for a long time your English will only really improve if you practise what you have learnt. If you spend most of your time overseas socialising with friends of your own nationality your English will not improve as much as if you spend time practising what you have learnt at English school.

2. Before you go to Overseas.
You will have the opportunity to write to your host family before you arrive in New Zealand. This is a good opportunity to practise your English before you even leave home. It will also force you to learn certain words and phrases that you will find useful when you do leave home.

3. At your Homestay
Try to spend your time with your host family rather than  in your room. you will hear more English words and be able to practise English

4. At school
Make an effort in class to speak out. This is difficult for Japanese students but is quite acceptable and indeed encouraged in New Zealand or other English speaking countries. Your teacher will tell you if you are wrong - but in most cases you won't be!

5. After school
Go outside to cafe or go window shopping. You will hear English being spoken. You will learn how to order in a cafe or pub - this is much better than studying at home.

6. When you get home

Keep in touch with your host family and friends you met whilst overseas. Many students return in the future to visit their  host family or friends.

What courses are on offer?


There are lots of different courses and qualifications. Some names you may recognise are listed below. Contact us and we will discuss with you your requirements and what is offered and where.



IELTS Exam preparation

Cambridge FCE (First Certificate in English)

Cambridge FCE exam preparation course

Certificate of proficiency in English (CPE)

TOEIC preparation course

TOEIC exam preparation

Global Assessment certificate (GAC)

Intensive general English courses both Full time and part time

Intensive academic English courses both full time and part time.





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