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NTIS New Zealand - Support Service

NTIS New Zealand offer a full support service for Japanese and speakers of other languages.
Our members receive free help in finding work, accommodation, language schools and other issues such as where to go for health, education, tax and business issues.


Our free support line is open 24 hours a day. You will always speak to a local resident in your native language. This service is based in Nelson, New Zealand and open for people who travel to New Zealand to study, for a working holiday or for long term travel.


At present this service is primarily for Japanese. For more details view our Japanese language pages or contact us in English to find out more.


Why use this service?

NTIS New Zealand support service is very special and brings special privileges that other travellers do not receive.

Some examples are as follows.


Local events.

One of our members wanted to see the world famous World of Wearable Arts festival. The tickets had already sold out for this event. NTIS New Zealand were able to obtain tickets for our member. This was because certain tickets were available for local schools and business but not for general sale outside Nelson.



Through it's local contacts NTIS New Zealand were able obtain well paid local employment for one of our members. Usually good employment is difficult to find for working holiday people - the most common employment is fruit picking or cleaning.


Phone calls and Postage retrieval and forwarding.

One of our members used NTIS New Zealand to collect mail and telephone calls whilst they were travelling around New Zealand. NTIS New Zealand were able to receive important phone calls from relatives in Japan and pass this information on quickly.


Free luggage storage

Our support service includes free luggage storage. One of  our members stored luggage with NTIS New Zealand for 6 months while he travelled New Zealand. This could have cost between NZ$1800 - NZ$3000 had he not been our support member and stored his luggage elsewhere Even after he had paid our support fee he saved over NZ$1000 - enough for 2 return flights to Australia from New Zealand.