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Website Translations

Why not advertise to over 1 billion potential customers!

NTIS New Zealand Website Translations - Translation, Localisation, Maintenance

The most common language used on the internet at present is English - Followed closely by Japanese, German, Spanish and Chinese.

 If you are reading this you appreciate the value of Internet marketing. If you wish to communicate to other markets you should consider having your website or a page of your website translated into another language. A translation of your website into Chinese effectively opens up your business to over 1 billion new customers! NTIS New Zealand translation services offer the following services in this area.

Initial Services

Translation and Localisation of Website. Options include full translation of your Website, test on local machines and submission to local search engines. Search engine optimisation,  localised domain name, (e.g., .de, etc) localised fax and phone numbers. Email campaigns.

Follow up services

Our follow up services include the following. Email translations and replies, regular maintenance of site, regular monitoring of site popularity, regular email campaigns, 


Costs for Web site translations are surprisingly realistic. This is due to the fact that most people over estimate the number of words on a web site. In fact a basic web site translation is often less expensive than producing brochures in your language.

Secondly, as we are staffed by computer specialists we can often produce a quality website translation at a much lower cost than our competitors. This is due to the fact that we can often translate directly into the html and upload the completed work for your directly. This avoids the need to have to outsource any part of the work.

Our email translation package is also cost effective as in effect you are paying for an interested client .


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