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NTIS New Zealand - Working Holiday

We are able to help you plan your working holiday.


Our working holiday programme starts before you leave your home country. We will will ensure that you obtain the correct visas and have a good idea of what to expect. On arrival we will assist with accommodation, explain how to set up a bank account and obtain an Inland Revenue tax number. From here we will help you with your search for the right employment to suit your circumstances


What type of employment will you help me get?


Working holiday makers without specific skills normally find employment in fruit picking, vine yards and as cleaners in backpackers or elsewhere in the tourism industry. NTIS New Zealand have contacts locally and can often find better work than this - in say retail, painting and decorating, tour guide helpers and other more fulfilling work.


Working holiday makers with specific skills should contact us about specific jobs. The New Zealand Immigration service has a list of areas where there is deemed to be a skill shortage. Skilled employment is generally quite easy to find - do bear in mind that New Zealand Immigration service requirements for these positions to be open to non-residents are that no suitably skilled New Zealand residents are available.


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